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How does FoodFortCollins.com work?

FoodFortCollins.com is simply a 3rd party to which you can place orders to local restaurants. All we do is pass your order along to the restaurant. All transactions are between you and the participating restaurant.

How does order in advance work?

Like regular ordering, ordering in advance is likewise between you and the restaurant your ordering from. We send the restaurant your order right away, so we suggest you perform a follow up phone call the day the order is for, as companies could always lose your order if it's been too long!

The restaurant I want to order from does not show the item I want to purchase

We do not guarantee any accuracy of the menu's or prices on this site, but we try our best given technological limitations. At this point in beta, most menu's will have some items missing from their menu, please contact us on the forms if there is an item you know a restaurant has but is not listed and we will see what we can do to get that up for you.

What is this "Location" associated with each restaurant?

At FoodFortCollins.com, some restaurants may have more than one location from which you can place an order for. At checkout, you will be presented with a location selection. Even if the restaurant only has one eligible location, it's still important we have you select that location at checkout to prevent mistakes.

What is this " two emails " when I place an order?

We at FoodFortCollins.com do our best to confirm the transmission of an order. We do this by making sure the order you placed on our site actually made it to the restaurant you intended. The second email in no way guarantees the restaurant saw the order placed by you. However, we do our best to assure this does not happen, it still might-- Were in beta! If you have order problems of this nature, please contact us so we can take proper action.

How does "allowed zip codes work"?

Restaurants have limitations and so do we. It's not right for us to let you order from a address from which the restaurant can't fulfill your order. Try a different restaurant if this occurs.

Why doesn't FoodFortCollins.com allow credit cards?

Were in beta! Coming soon.

How do I get help beyond what is in the FAQ?

Go to the Forms, post your question there, and we will be happy to answer it as soon as possible.

I am a restaurant owner, how do I take control of my menu?

Contact us through the contact form. This process could take some time, as we will have to verify that you are indeed the company owner before giving you access.

I am a restaurant owner, I want my restaurant removed

We highly regret that we would ever have to do such a thing, as our goal is to help you achieve more orders no matter how you weigh it. But in the case that you would not like your menu listed on our website, please contact us from the contact form and we will arrange to have it removed as quickly as possible.

If you come accross any bugs or suggestions please put them in the forums.